Metallic Flexible Tubings For All Industrial Purposes
An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
About Us  
Allzaflex, incorporated in 1982 and serving the industry since then, is renowned for its consistency in design, manufacturing capability, quality and customer satisfaction.

It was established by a team of entrepreneurs, having an experience of more than a decade in the similar industry. Allzaflex has become preferred supplier for metallic expansion joints and hoses. This can be reflected from repeat orders from its client base which includes industries from cement, steel, refineries, defence, fertilizers and automobiles & locomotives.

Single minded focus on metallic expansion joints has brought matchless expertise in this field. Allzaflex’s service since two decades has made it a benchmark in industry of metallic expansion joints. This was possible due to innovative expertise, visionary leadership, unparalled services and quality products.

The state-of-art manufacturing and testing facility of Allzaflex, provides consistent quality from the smallest size to the largest one. Various type tests and correlation tests carried out on various prototypes assures our design for satisfactory performance of our product.

Allzaflex can manufacture expansion joints from 50 NB to any upper range, restricted due to shipping constraints. It is one of the few companies, which can manufacture expansion joints of such large diameter. Robust design and construction is obtained due to convergence of best technology and vast experience.

Allzaflex’s Quality Management System is certified with ISO 9001:2008 by TUV Nord and its products are certified with CE
Mission Statement
Provide customers with products and services of unsurpassed quality, continuous communication, professional, pro-active and resolute in word and action.

Provide our employees and suppliers with an environment to develop their potential and skills. Develop their entrepreneurial spirit instead of micro-managing culture.

Advance our technology through constant innovation and invention, product development and better and efficient processes to manufacture quality products.

Create a WIN WIN situation for both, our customers and our employees.

Our goal is to get recognition as a benchmark in the field of metal bellows throughout the world for design and manufacture of metallic expansion joints and related products.

Customer satisfaction is superior to everything at Allzaflex, and everyone at Allzflex knows that they contribute equally to it. It is not a single employee’s achievement, but it is a team approach and Allzaflex is dedicated to it.