Metallic Flexible Tubings For All Industrial Purposes
An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
Engineering Design
Design is the most important part and feature of any manufactured products. ALLZAFLEX’s design incorporates quality built than quality maintained. The design department at Allzaflex has qualified and experienced engineers to achieve the best and optimized design for the each customer’s specific requirement.

At Allzaflex, design of product involves customers equally. While the customer designs the higher level systems and subsystems, Allzaflex designs the expansion joint for them. With involvement of customer from the beginning of the design process, the probability of the end product meeting the customer’s requirement is greatly increased.

Allzaflex has successfully designed bellows for some of the most critical applications which include cryogenics, steel plants, cement plants, nuclear reactors, Indian Navy, hot blast furnace and many more.
Manufacturing Facilities
Allzaflex believes better infrastructure gives better workability which results in better quality. It has adequate facilities for manufacturing largest size expansion joint with most stringent quality control.
Manufacturing Floor Area 21,000 Sq Feet
Total Land Area 30,000 sq. Feet.
Electric Overhead Traverse Capacity 5 tons.
Maximum Hook Height 30 feet
Plate Roll 1250mm x 12mm
Hydraulic Press 150 tons
Automatic Forming Machine upto 500 NB
Mechanical Forming Machine 25 NB to 8000 NB and above
Die Press Fforming Machine NO BAR.(For rectangular expansion joint)
Movable Gantry 5 ton x 6 meter height.
Plasma Cutting Machine 30 mm
Field Installations  
Painting and Finishing Facilities  
Hose crimping machine
Crimp upto 6" 4 SP hoses Crimp upto 2" 4 SP hoses
Corrugated hose forming machine
Bobbin filling Braiding machine